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If Hope Dies
The Icarus Line
Iced Earth
In Flames
I Voted For Kodos
I Killed The Prom Queen
I Hate Myself
Iron Maiden

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 Hayko Cepkin: Bonus
 Hayko Cepkin: Bilmezsin
 Hayko Cepkin: Melekler
 Hayko Cepkin: Siren
 Hayko Cepkin: Г–lГјyorum
 Hayko Cepkin: Kaos
 Hayko Cepkin: Siki Tutun
 Hayko Cepkin: Sonra GГ¶rГјselim
 Hayko Cepkin: Yalniz Kalsin
 Hayko Cepkin: Bertaraf Et
 Hayko Cepkin: 777
 Metallica: The Memory Remains
 Metallica: Devil's Dance
 Metallica: Slither
 Metallica: Where The Wild Things Are
 Metallica: Prince Charming
 Metallica: Low Man's Lyric
 Metallica: It's Electric
 Metallica: Sabbra Cadabra
 Metallica: Turn The Page

 Blink 182: I Want To Fuck A Dog In The Ass
 Hayko Cepkin: Firtinam
 Blink 182: Fuck A Dog
 Lordi: Hard rock hallelujah
 System Of A Down: Chop Suey
 Jacks Mannequin: I'm Ready
 Hayko Cepkin: Son Kez
 Hayko Cepkin: Ben gideyim
 Moonspell: Luna
 Teoman: Iki Yabanci
 Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit
 Marilyn Manson: This Is The New Shit
 Blink 182: First Date
 Hayko Cepkin: Г–lГјyorum
 Iron Maiden: 2 A.M.
 Sentenced: Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
 Rammstein: Amerika
 Lordi: Would You Love A Monsterman?
 Iron Maiden: Afraid To Shoot Strangers
 Bon Jovi: Always

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