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Dark Poetry
Features gothic love poetry by Iman Moradi.

The Dark Realm
A collection of dark poetry and short stories written by members of a small group of people from different countries.

Dark Thoughts
My poetry, quizes and thoughts of daily keepings.

Dark Visions
Web published poetry of a dark and gothic nature.

The Darkest Way Home
Poetry by Luci Fer. Usually dark, morbid and depressing.

DarkPandora's Poems
Poems by DarkPandora. The site is updated whenever the author is inspired.

Darkside Poems
Darker poetry, by and for teenagers.

Writings darker than the night in a blind man's eye. Poems, quotations, comments and links.

The Dragon's Lair
A site containing poetry and images from the site creator. Also accepts submitted poetry for display.

Drear Oblivion
All things come to drear oblivion: dark poetry, both original and classic, as well as tales of horror, and essays on death, depression and self-injury.

Lu Cypher's Revenge
Intense dark poetry and short stories. May offend some people.

Lyrics by Wiccanguy
A site containing dark, gothic lyrics and poems.

Mang's Poetry
Mainly dark poetry arising from the entangled brain of the author.

The Mind's Ass
For those who have loved and lost and wallow in a decrepid realm of pain and regret.

Mordreds dark gothic song lyrics
A walk through the strange dark writings and lyrics of my Mind.

Night Secrets
Dark poetry web site with poems contributed by numerous authors.

Nightfall Holds Many Wishes
Personal poetry of a 14 year old girl from Hertfordshire, England.

NightUnfolding's Poetry
NightUnfolding's poems of despair, depression and loss.

On The Chilly Side of Midnight
Yvonne's site of poetry provides a gothic outlook on the external world. She also creates a combination of gothic music and graphics to emphasize her work.

Peering Into Darkness
Poetry of a different nature by Eric Ellison. Upfront and to the point. Other poets may submit poetry to my site.


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