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Obscure Wonders
Dark Romanticism - literature, music, movies, comics. Nick Cave, Ann Radcliffe and Tim Burton among many others. Philosophical and religious discussions of the gothic mystery.

Russian Gothic Page
A large collection of gothic art, including large images if works by artists such as Gustav Dore and Peter Breughel.

The Shadow Gallery
The online art gallery of Ryan Ulrich including photographies, paintings and a bio.

Gothic community. Includes artwork, photography, forums, poetry, literature.

Sinister Visions
The dark art of Chad Savage. Pen, pencil, digital, mixed media, comics and photos. Zombo The Clown and the Vampire Carvnival.

Spiked Reality
Pen and Ink drawings, photography and robots. Some gothic oriented material

Tainted Thoughts
This site is a network for gothic artists containing gothic music, artwork, poetry, literature, concert information, articles, and humor. There are also bulletin boards, instant messaging, and resources, links, a gothic singles service, and forums available here.

Tainted Tribe
Images, poetry, fonts, backgrounds, themes, screen savers, reviews, and links.

TaLamia Gallery
Dark art of Alison Tu, aka TaLamia. Contains twisted & disturbing illustrations.

Womb of the Dragon - The online gallery of Kenny Clark
The online portfolio of Kenny Clark, specializing in highly detailed sandblasted glass of 'darker' subject matter.
My online art gallery and weblog. You can also ask advice for your problems.. CHeck it out, because you have nothing better to do.. Well if you do.. tehn check it out later :-)

I n A r c a n a (Within Secrets)
Surreal Digital Art made by Mens Rea in a occult mixture with poetry and lyrics

My official website, showing paintings, digital art, video and animation which place the human form at the junction between the pure and the corrupt - and some funny stuff too. There is also a commmercial graphics section.

Contemplating Reiko
Contemplating Reiko is a wicked little web comic about a wicked little girl! Join Reiko as she murders her way through the first grade!

Comic Book Scoop
Utilizing the blogiverse to enhance and expand the comic book community.

Darkness Till The End
A dark fantasy comics about vampires, mature content, pencil drawings. Site is updated as frequently as possible. Also has gallery and drawings by Maarika.

Dirk Hooper Photography and Art Works
Dirk Hooper is a photographer and artist who specializes in fetish, fantasy and goth model photography and fine art endeavors.

LeanneM Galleries
Dark art, graphics, web design & more by artist LeanneM.

† Ex Dolore †
Portfolio of digital photographies & illustrations. Our dark, romantic & sensual world
Witchhunter Photography, Print + Web Design

Ultra Vortek
From the guy who created and built the now defunct Damnage.Com - Ultra Vortek is a personal web site devoted to art, creative writing, graphic design, and a few other things...
Dark digital arts and original gothic imagery by Alexandra v Bach.

Manic Esoteric
Psychotic Art in many forms, uncensored and not for everyone.

The Zombie Dolls by Aarron Laidig
Paintings of spirits belonging to women who's souls have been so shredded, cut and wounded they can not heal.

Boy In Black
Photography of the gothic male model a "Boy In Black". If you can enjoy black and white portraits of a boy, black clothes, dark, haunting and beautiful then this is the site for you. Please browse these photos and we hope to see you next month with more new and unforgettable selections.

Faery and fantasy artist Michelle Campbell. Featuring Michelle's beautiful designs on products such as, hand signed and numbered prints, greeting cards, slate stones, free e-cards and lots more...

. . . . . .
Visual & virtual world of Selenys a.k.a Ingrid Burton. Digital art, photographies & conception...

Puppet Faktory
The art of Dawn Rosemary. Animation, comics, illustration, sketch book and more.

Demonstrarium a'Telier
Thania Elv's official website

the lazarus corporation
the lazarus corporation is an online gallery of dark art, ranging from painting and collage to photography and digital manipulation


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