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Rare Horror Dvds
Store selling hard to find, unreleased and deleted horror films

Doomsday DVD
Horror, SciFi and Cult DVD news, reviews, forums and more.....

Movie Download - Scary Movies
The Hottest Movie Download Site on the Net! Free Movie, Legal Movie Downloading, Crazy Movie Reviews from the Pink Rabbit, Trade Dvds, Horror Movies, and Much More!
A place for Scary clown movies and Clownhouse DVD fans.

Popcorn Flick Reviews (PFR)
An edgy magazine that celebrates, horror, comic book, action-packed cinema. Lots of reviews, comments and polls.

Extreme Horror for an Extreme Age - The Ultimate in Hot Horror DVD and Movie Reviews, Essential Horror Film Reference Book Reviews, Editorials, Genre Celebrity Interviews, News, and Much More...enter at your own risk.

All Horror Movies
News, reviews, and discussion of horror movies and DVDs. Also movie schedules, forums and director profiles.

The Bloody Shower Curtain
Horror film history, reviews and biographies of people involved in the genre.

News, reviews, features and a message board.

British Horror Films
Featuring work by Hammer, Amicus, Tigon, and Pete Walker. Includes reviews, photos, posters, sounds, and a message board.

The Horror Shack
With reviews, pictures, and plots from Classic, New Classic, and New Wave horror films.

Horror Talk
DVD reviews, contests, and discussion.

Horror Zone
Horrror movie news, forums, reviews, interviews, contests, and links.

Reviews, sneakpeeks, release schedules, interviews and related horror film information.

House of Horrors
Comprehensive information on horror movies, directors, and effects wizards.

The House of Wax
Examines classic horror films, like Bride of Frankenstein and Dracula, and also highlights famous horror actors and directors.

Pictures and sounds from movies including Army of Darkness, Evil Dead I & II, Demon Knight, Blade and The Mummy.

Jay's Horror
Site for fans of horror movies: pictures, fan art, polls, previews, chats, screensavers, desktop themes and games.

Keith's Flesheaters
Information on horror films that are currently banned and no longer in print.

Kitley's Krypt
A place for horror news, reviews, message boards, trivia, and swap-o-rama.


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