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Gothik Girls Cartoon Show
Comic strips featuring a stunning powerpuff girls goth parody. in english, spannol and portuguese.

Angst Boy's Goth Quiz
Features fun goth quiz with multiple choice selections.

Animated Gothic Humor Theater
Humorous cartoons with Kasper the Freaky Goth.

Bats Day in the Fun Park
Yearly Gothic and Industrial gathering at Disneyland California. Pictures from previous event.

The Dark Adventures of Gothman
A comic detailing the adventures of the Gothic semi-superhero Gothman.

Go Goth!
Step-by-step guide to "becoming" a goth.

Goth Works
Photograph postings, web cam, videos, and message board with a dork theme.

The Gothic Groupie Page
Star photos, how to meet stars, gossip, groupie of the month, links, and message board.

The Gothic Offramp
Commentary, poetry generator, crossword, and message board.

Gothic Scouts
"Furthering the Youth of the World (yeah, right)." A gothic spoof of the Boy / Girl Scouts.

How to seduce a Goth Princess
Sign up and allow yourself to be seduced by an awful frog or just a vampiric old varlet....

The "I'm so Goth..." List
Affirmations of one's gothiness.

Insta GothKit
Humoruos life-changing guide to becoming a goth.

Jesus Was Gother Than You
This page gives examples and explanations of how the son of god was in fact, a goth.

a fun little site for all the dreamers, includes: llamas, gothic junk, and more odd stuff.

Passed Out Goths of X
Pictures of passed out goths from all over the place.


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