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Clan Aesir - Vampire Bloodline
Clan Aesir is the strongest Vampire Bloodline in Dark City. Visit the ASgard for information on the Clan and the Game.

Ashtyn Evans Author Site
The author of Crimson Twilight, a novel about the humanity within the race of vampires, Ashtyn Evans' impressive list of upcoming novels both fiction and non-fiction.

Aquilus Dot Net
Real Vampire and Occult Community with forums, galleries, articles, information for those newly awaken and those advanced. Entertainment and more! Join us!

Blood and Beers
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the series fanfiction site with stories of a drunked flavour. Story themes can be fluffy, humourous, or dark and full of violence, sex and bloodplay. Just so long as there's alcohol. Contains het, gen and slash works by many authors, all handpicked for quality.

VITAE-Link Banner Exchange
The Coven Organization's VITAE-Link Vampire Banner Exchange Network is a free banner exchange service aimed specifically towards Vampire-related and other dark web sites who wish to advertise on other similar sites within the Vampyre and OtherKin communities. All dark subject sites are welcome.

Clear Opacity Vampire Forums
One of the best vamp communities on the net now. Talk about everything from vamps in entertainment to vamps in the real world. We are all waiting for more new and exciting members of the community. Come join!

Lair of the SheBitch
Forum, erotica, stories, films and music, artwork, links, gallery, downloads and poetry.

Tabula Rasa - Vampire Mythos
Article looking at the myth of the vampire, including its history and how it has been presented by David Carroll.

Vamp Club
Bloodletting details, vampire subculture, forum, criminals, famous historical vampires and general facts.

Vampire Legacy Society
Dedicated to researching and recording the vampire legend, past and present, fact and fiction. Features a variety of interaction.

Vampyre Resources
Vampire and gothic resources, postcards, moon phases, Edgar A. Poe writings, Druid and Pagan information, online tarot readings and vampyre subculture.

Vampyres Only
Variety of vampire information including FAQs, forums, collaborative stories, books and films.


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