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(Interviewed by Monika - 11.04.2006)

Why is your band name is 'Dreamtone'?
- While forming Dreamtone, the idea was to give a different music with different feelings, emotions with a special taste to its listeners. The name, Dreamtone stands as the image of this vision. It is the name of a tool to express the feelings, the ideas as a dream to the listeners.

Can you shortly tell us about your band and members?
- Dreamtone’s line up is currently consisted of Oganalp Canatan (vocals), Onur Özkoç (guitars), Burak Kahraman (guitars), Efe Alpay (bas), Emrecan Sevdin (drums). All the members have had or still having musical education.
Oganalp and Onur had guitar education previously. Emrecan also had his drum education in the past. Oganalp is also having opera education since May’04. Efe has had guitar education at Yamaha Music Academy and Burak is a student of the famous guitar virtuoso, Ahmet Kanneci.
Currently, due to time restrictions, besides of Burak and his band Apoplexy, no other members have any side projects.

Which bands do you listen frequently?
- Each member’s musical taste intersects on some point but greatly differs in many ways as well. Bands and musicians we have common interest are Opeth, Blind Guardian, Toto, Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Rush, Sebnem Ferah, Laco Tayfa, Antonin Dvorak, some 80’s pop singers like Michael Jackson and Cutting Crew and many more names that we forget to mention at each interview.

Do you play live?
- Yes we do. We have even played at RockIstanbul festival with names like Megadeth, Garbage, Andromeda, Kurban, Northern Lights and more. We do not go on stage everyday but with the release of our new album, Sojourn, we are already being booked by different promoters from different cities.

Did you give any concert?
- Previous answer also covers this question.

With which band (from the well-known bands) do you imagine to play?
- That may depend on each member’s own tastes but Blind Guardian, Pain of Salvation, Dream Theater, Opeth, Metallica would be some of the bands to mention.

What is your favourite cover song?
- Nowadays, we are happiliy covering “Unleash the Fire – Inferno” from Symphony X, however, our cover preferences changes from time to time, depending on the live schedule, our mood and voting for the new songs.

What are your future plans?
- We are currently signed with our co-partner company, Tavanarasi Media Co. Ltd and we hold a deal with EMI for Turkish distribution. Also, The End Records from USA and MUSEA from France are giving aid with their online distribution and shop support. We are willing to increase our live dates significantly and planning to release a maxi-single in September, as well as a new studio album in 2007.

What do you want to say to the visitors of
- We would be very happy to see you at our forums, located at and welcome any and all feedback or chat you would inquire. Thank you for the interview and hope to see you at a gig!


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