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(Interviewed by Monika - 02.04.2006)

Who gave this name to the band?
- Orcun gave the name “Haylaz” to our band and we all accepted this name. It was the only name that fitted all three of us.

How many members do your band contain? Can you give little information about the members?
- Our band which have taken its final form in october 2005 is a band of three. The frontman of our band is Orcun, our drummer is Serkan and the bass player is Iskender. We all involved with our instruments for so long now and we also teach playing these instruments at different studios and courses. All of us are also involved in other projects with different musicians.

What are your favourite bands?
- Pearl Jam and Nirvana.

Which influences do these bands have on you?
- They helped us understand and enjoy grunge better. We were influenced by their sound and it also improved our sound as well.

Which band ( from the well-known bands ) do you imagine to play with?
- Duman

What is your favourite cover song?
- Oyle sarhos olsam ki –tanju okan

Do you have an album?
- We have a demo record. The recordings for the album are still continuing.

What are your future plans?
- There is no negative reactions. Rock and Metal is not as popular as other genres in TГјrkiye like it doesn't popular in other countries.Alternative or populer rock have got a great numbers of audiences but heavy metal, thrash or hard rock have not, it is reality.

What do you want to say to the visiters of
- Listen to our music.


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