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(Interviewed by Monika - 05.03.2006)

Can you introduce yourself?
- The foundations of Kararsiz were laid in march 2003 when Kenan and Serkan, two close friends, decided to set up a band. Then, they met with alaattin during one of his performances. Alaattin, who liked the ideas and plans of kenan and serkan, started to work with them, so "kararsiz" was born. They started to search for a bass player and a vocalist by spreading out small handbills in public. And as the bass player, they decided to have Ozcan in band. As the band searches for a vocalist, composition and covering works continued. But, when they saw that they couldn't find the vocalist that they look for, Kenan, who already had taken part in singing during rehearsals, decided to become the lead vocalist of the band, while Alaattin and Ozcan was helping him with their backvocals. During that period, with "Tas", the first song that was composed, and some other cover songs, the band gave its first live performance. Being appreciated and having some reputation from the very first live performance, the band is now working harder to compose new songs and trying to maintain the equipment that is needed. Recently, as a result of that hard work, Oyun, Pesimist, and Hayatin sirlari have been added to the list of the band's own songs. At the moment, Kararsiz is busy with working for new songs and new live performances.

When did you give your first concert?
12 May 2004. Istanbul/Bakirkoy

Which style of music do you make?
- Having Hard Rock as the basis of their style, the band has also been impressed by some other genres.

Do you have an album? If not, when will you have one?
- The band does not have an album. as soon as the financial problems are solved, they are going to be working on an album project.

How many members do this band contain?
- 4 members in this band.

Lead Guitar/Vocals: Kenan Isan
Rhytm Guitar/Back Vocals: Alaattin Yildirim
Drum&Percussions: Serkan Bilsel
Bass Guitar/Back Vocals: Ozcan Ertek.

Which bands do you listen?
- Metallica,Blind Guardian,Dream Theater
Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Gun’s Roses, Black Sabbath.

Which band do you take as a model?
- Metallica, Deep Purple,Black Sabbath.

What are your plans about future?
- The very first aim of the band's members is to share the feelings that they have during the writing period, with the listeners of their songs. They are planning to produce significant works not only in Turkey but also in the whole world.

Have you got a support ?
- We have many moral supports but the members of the band is now working in various jobs in order to provide the financial resource for the band.

What are your thoughts about ?
- Really good, musicians can find what they want. and our songs publish there, we are happy for it.. Kararsiz...

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