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(Interviewed by Monika - 13.03.2006)

Can you shortly tell us about your band and members?
- Melatonin was formed in the end of the year 1999, first named as "Praying Corpses".Members has changed several times and the line-up of the band is shaped in april 2005 and still same(Can Yamak-vocal,F.Onur Baðlan-electric guitar, Umut Yýldýrým-electric guitar, Burak Sezgin-bass and Gökhan Çimen-drums).We started as "students" and some of us has graduated and working right now.We appear on a lot of concerts and university festivals,2004 Rock Station Festival is a milestone for our band and we also released our demo in that year including five of our songs.

What is the meaning of melatonin?
Melatonin is a color-changing hormone, a hormone derived from serotonin and is important in regulating biorhythms.

How do you describe your style?
- We can say that we are making a mixture of heavy metal and thrash metal.

Which bands do you listen?
- We were all inspired by "the gods" Metallica, Iron Maiden and Megadeth. We also listen; Slayer, Testament, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Sentenced, In Flames,Savatage etc.

What are your next projects for your band?
- We want to record our new songs and if there will be an opportunity we would like to release a debut album and concerts, concerts, concerts ...

What do you do except from the band?
- If we have to be honest we surely know that we can not afford our lives by playing heavy metal specially in Turkiye, than we can say we expect to have some fun and make people remember Melatonin and its songs and stage shows.

What do your lyrics contain?
- This question is about what does life contain. We wrote about everything that hurts us and makes us angry. I specially like to write about love and death but also we had lyrics against narrow-minded persons and the "war" in Iraq and about human psychology.

According to you, What kind of a place is Turkey for Rock and Metal music? Are there any negative reactions to you?
- There is no negative reactions. Rock and Metal is not as popular as other genres in TГјrkiye like it doesn't popular in other countries.Alternative or populer rock have got a great numbers of audiences but heavy metal, thrash or hard rock have not, it is reality.

What's your message for the visitors of the
- We have a simple website  . They can download our demo recordings from there. We would be very happy if they spend a little time to listen our songs and comment on them. Thank you for the interview and thank all the people who spend their time on reading about us.


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