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We have interviewed with Baran Yasar Founder and Guitarist from the new and successfull heavy metal band Revelation. (Interviewed by HighVoltage - 04.02.2006)

Who founded this band?
- I found this band in 2004 with one of my best Friend Burcin Ak

With which name did you started first?
- Ohh it's a deep question. I started name Cthulhu in 2000 - 2003 In 2003 name changed Fearlord, but in 2004 - 2005 real name
comes Revelation is born in 2005.

Why Revelation?
- My brother suggested this name from holy bible I love it :) anyway Iron Maiden has a song Revelations it's similiar :D

Would you introduce your band's members?
- Burcin Ak, when i met this guy he's fresh for the music he wants to play drums. after 3 - 4 month he plays well. I write faster drums for songs he plays them well too and he's a best friend of mine. Ozum Erdogan, we were in recording season with old lead guitarist Kaan but he left the band for personal reasons. After ozum joined the band. I love him. He plays faster Me and Him has a unlimited play energy i think. Atilla Badem, we needed a bass player. I told Yetkin. Yetkin suggested Atilla he's a recording machine really. He's Also playing Yetkin's band Kuf. Zeynep Kaplan, She is a another vocals in the band. She has a sprituality vocals. And I call her Angel.

Would you tell us about your band's history?
- Let me remember ... When I was 14 my older brother gave me a guitar and he said "you playing rhythm guitars, pal" and I said what In 1998 I made my first band with my high school friend Hakan and named it Cthulhu.We were just playing covers and 2 years after the band was founded it disbanded.In 2002 I found a new drummer and other members too and we made another band called Fearlord, in the mean time I was concentrating on composing my own songs totaling 47 up till now. Unfortunately this band had the same fate. Ultimately in 2004-2005 I met Burcin, he said "are we playing faster and heavier songs!!" and from within our friendship born the ultimate band, RevelatioN.

From which bands are you influenced?
- Iced Earth,Iron Maiden,Megadeth, Metallica,Blind Guardian,Therion,Nightwish,Anathema and Sentenced But Iced Earth is special for me Iron Maiden too.

Why are Iced Earth and Iron Maiden special for you?
- Iced Special for me because JON is my IDOL shortly. They're heavier band in the world I've ever heard. They've got a soul. Maiden is same. But Maiden has a real king for Heavy Metal music. They're Gods Of Heavy Metal. I love them too much. Someguys says to me Songs like Iron Maiden And Iced Earth but it has a different soul. Maiden is same. Why i loved them to much? I
tell you. I have a friend called Korhan from He's a Iron Maiden and Iced Earth freak. He sent Iced Earth gettyburg trilogy From Iced Earth lastest album. And I said to him this is my speacial band really. He sent again Iron Maiden's Phantom Of The Opera song. I love the song.Now I'm making IM archive

Well.... Do you play live?
- I played live with my old band but revelation is playing live yet.

What are your plans for future?
- We're planing gigs but firstly we are finishing the record.

According to you what is your most succesfull project? Why?
- I think our most succesful project is TurricaN soundtrack. I play this game when I was a kid. Who knows I recorded soundtrack in the future. Just I love it.

When are you publishing your album?
- When it will finish. maybe May or June.

It was nice to report with you. Thanks...


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