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Medieval Rock

Medieval rock is a musical genre derived from folk rock.

While medieval rock usually mixes traditional rock instruments (e.g. electrical guitars) with instruments commonly found in celtic folk music (e.g. bagpipes), it often also uses more classical instruments, such as harps or violins. Some bands use medieval instruments exclusively, other bands even use synthesizers.

Medieval rock typically utilizes medieval lyrics or poems and occasionally even medieval melodies. However most such music can be understood as a "reinterpretation" of the original rather than an authentic reconstruction.

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Often, bands of this genre originally played Irish folk music or medieval market music, sometimes developing more towards heavy metal as they gained popularity.

Since the similarity to rock music, medieval music, folk and folk metal strongly varies across bands and songs, the classification of such music is often difficult. Most German bands internationally recognised as folk metal bands are actually part of this genre.

Common examples for medieval rock bands include: Corvus Corax, Cultus Ferox, Faun, In Extremo, Saltatio Mortis, Schandmaul, Schelmish, Subway to Sally and Tanzwut

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