Portugal. The Man – The Sun – YouTube Lyric

Oct , 2011 · Portugal. The Man – The Sun; track #4 off of the album, The Satantic Satanist (2009). (Lyrics) If you look real high You just might find Sitting in the stars Glistening, glistening Waiting for the
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Portugal. The Man between music and art | Lyric

John Gourley is the lead singer and mastermind of the Portland-based band Portugal. The Man. Also he just recently designed three unique Coachella wrappings for BMW i, that will be shown at the Coachella Festival. In our interview he talks about design, lack of colors in …
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Portugal. The Man – Live In The Moment Lyrics | MetroLyrics Lyric

Lyrics to ‘Live In The Moment’ by Portugal. The Man. My home / Is a girl with eyes like wishing wells / I’m not alone / But I’m still lone-, lonely / When I was
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Portugal. The Man – Official Site Lyric

Portugal. The Man – Evil Friends [Official Music Video] Can’t wait to be back home in Alaska on Sept. 2nd to play
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Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still Lyrics | MetroLyrics Lyric

Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still Lyrics Portugal. The Man. Edit lyrics Print Lyrics What does this song mean to you? Meaning. by . Niffy. May 31 2018 . I think these lyrics are talking about how he used to use drugs but now has to stop in order to take care of his children. However, temptation is getting him back and he is slowly becoming a
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